Hi from Mimi!

Hi from Mimi!

Based in the UK, we are Mimi and James, the wife and husband team behind MiMi Adores. Together we have 2 sweetheart boys - Reuben and Joshua.

With a passion for art, we began to dream of creating keepsakes that would bring comfort and joy and help us forever remember the magical beauty in the everyday moments with our little ones.

We did not know where this adventure would take us and couldn’t have imagined what a beautiful journey it would be!

We began doing Pop Up events at Play Cafe’s in the South coast of England where we would take little ones hand and footprints and then take these gorgeous memories and create them into forever ever keepsakes.

We soon began to expand and we now have the joy and privilege of creating our hand and footprint art for people all around the world!

Our hope is always that the pieces of art that we create will help you see the beauty and wonder in the moment with your little ones, now but also long past when the moments have gone: beauty not dulled by time but blossoming evermore with it! 

With our love from our hearts to yours,

Mimi and James xx